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Qualified Medical Examiners

Provide Science-Based

Impairment Rating Services

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Review Services

These review services are simple to request with any subscription plan

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Case Review

Let PISciences do the heavy lifting with Medical Case Review and we will give you recommendations to reach MMI

Peer Reviews

Credentialed physicians that provide science-based review of the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan

Case Management

Case Management

One of our expert case managers will help you with your case and will make sure you aren't missing anything

Reporting Services

With any subscription plan, you can submit unlimited report writing requests and the best part for you, we will do them all on LIEN!

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Final Narrative Report

Final Narrative Report

Take back your time as a treating physician and let our doctors and professional case review teams compile your Final Narrative Reports.

Final Impairment Rating

Final Impairment Rating

We perform a thorough past medical history review and provide you with a science-based Final Impairment Rating report.

Case Management

Future Care & Cost Report

We use a science-based model to determine an accurate Future Care & Cost plan.


Initial Causality Examination (ICE)

Determine the severity of injury experienced based on AMA Guidelines. 

Final Impairment Medical Examination (FIME)

PISciences Qualified Medical Examiners (QME) perform science-based Final Impairment Medical Examinations (FIME) for Workers Compensation and Personal Injury cases. We are used as an impartial, credible second point of view to determine the validity and nature of diagnosis with respect to an injury.

To perform this examination, all medical records will be loaded into the secure software where the physician will conduct a review of the patient treatment history, analyze the biomechanics of the accident or injury, and confirm that all medical issues are reviewed.

On the occasion that the case goes into arbitration or litigation, our physicians have experience in expert testimony and will provide science-based evidence for their findings.

Independent Medical Examination (IME)

BIO-XTM stands for Biomechanical Injury Outcome X-Ray analysis. This protocol determines the severity of ligament damage in the spine due to whiplash trauma. All images are digitally read to provide an accurate diagnosis and future treatment plan. 

Greater Diagnostic Accuracy = Faster MMI... PERIOD

A BIO-XTM NEEDS to be performed on an individual when:

  • Persistent pain
  • Positive or negative MRI, CT, or X-Ray
  • Problem cases with no idea what to do with them
  • Nearing statute time or litigation
  • Close to MMI or at MMI and still has symptoms
  • Case is older than 3 months
  • No X-Rays or X-Rays only taken at the Hospital