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Our Subscription Plan Include These Amazing Features

We want to make sure that on a Basic Plan, you have the power to make a difference with every case.

Every subscription is structured to scale as you do. 

PISciences Core Features

  • Certified HIPAA Secure
  • Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile Ready
  • Product Training
  • Redundant Data Backups
  • Unlimited File Storage
  • Unlimited Users
  • PDF Viewer in Browser
  • Free Product Training
  • 10% Discount to Signature Series
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PISciences Basic Package

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Top features

  • Case Management Tracking

  • Case Notifications

  • Case Comment Tracking
  •   Narrative Report Resources

  • Final Impairment Rating

  • Independent Medical Examination (IME) Referral
  • Final Impairment Rating Referral
  • X-Ray/MRI Interpretation Referral
  • Complete Medical Review
  • Diagnostic Code Optimization
  • Causality Examination Referral
  • Onsite Training
  • 1 Premium Case Consultation/Month
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PISciences Advanced

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  • All of Basic Features
  • Secondary Research Library
  • Optimized Diagnostic Code Library
  • Future Care and Cost Report Generation
  • Apportionment Report Referral
  • Acute Concussion Evaluation
  • Post Concussion Questionnaire
  • Medical Survey
  • Accident Survey
  • Causality Examination
  • Access to PISciences Recommended Professionals Portal
  • 3 Premium Case Consultations/Month
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PISciences Professional

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Top features

  • All of Advanced Features
  • Your Business Logo Added to Your Reports
  • Defense Preparation Protocol
  • Doctors receive all forms we use to capture data
  • Functional Loss Questionnaire
  • Case Risk Questionnaire
  • DUD/LOE Questionnaire
  • Physician's Checklist
  • Monthly Online Live Trainings on the Science of Injury
  • 5 Premium Case Consultations/Month
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PISciences Enterprise

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Top features

  • All of Professional Features
  • Doctor Coaching and Training on Case Management
  • Active Rehab Training with Stroops and Iron Neck
  • API Integrations
  • 6 Premium Case Consultations/Month
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